The Knights of the Zodiac are an Order on Playstation Home that bear a strong affinity to their western astrological sign. The Knights of the Zodiac follow ideologies of Peace, Order and Stability and help maintain a more prosperous Playstation Home.
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 Getting Started

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Libra Jason

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PostSubject: Getting Started   Thu Jan 31, 2013 11:42 pm

Upon joining the Knights of the Zodiac you will be required to meet with us on Playstation Home within a set amount of days to prove that you both own a PlayStation 3 Console and that the PSN ID that you are using is valid. When you meet with us you will be invited to our club house and interviewed appropriately. If you pass the interview then you will need to oblige by our ideals of peace, order, and stability and follow the tenets of the Knights of the Zodiac and pledge an oath that you will obey the tenets appropriately, or accept the consequences for breaking a tenet.
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Getting Started
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