The Knights of the Zodiac are an Order on Playstation Home that bear a strong affinity to their western astrological sign. The Knights of the Zodiac follow ideologies of Peace, Order and Stability and help maintain a more prosperous Playstation Home.
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Libra Jason

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PostSubject: Learn more.   Thu Jan 31, 2013 8:13 pm

Hello and welcome to the official forum of the Knights of the Zodiac! No matter how you found this site you have earned the right to learn a little bit more about us. First and foremost the Knights of the Zodiac also known as KotZ were founded on January 31, 2013 and have no relevance to the anime 'Saint Seiya'. The Knights of the Zodiac are an Order in the social network known as 'Playstation Home' so to join us you do in-fact need a Playstation 3. As Knights of the Zodiac we are very attuned to our astrological signs but focus primarily on the Western Zodiac above all since our Head Quarters are in the North American Playstation 3 servers. If you do in fact have a Playstation 3 then feel free to send a friend request to either my PSN account (TheTowerr) or my good friend Lucian's PSN account (SuperSicily) ensure you inform us that you are interested in joining the Knights of the Zodiac or we will ignore your message and assume it is spam. Upon being initiated into the Knights of the Zodiac you will have to share your Western Zodiac sign so we know where to put you in our Order and pledge to uphold our ideals of peace, order and stability. It is also important to note that we will have meetings and events where all members in the Knights of the Zodiac are required to participate in Playstation Home. With that said if I have peaked your interest feel free to read more though some content may be unavailable until you become a member of this forum, it is important to note that we only accept ages fifteen and up, under very rare circumstances we may accept an individual under the age of fifteen but you will need to prove that you are mature enough to share in our ideals and do not take our order as a joke. We do however support role-playing and sometimes prefer doing so both on Playstation Home and on the site.
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